Is the Culture of Education Toxic?

Is the overall culture of education toxic to our students? Joshua Katz, a high school math teacher in Florida, explains his position during his TEDx talk in 2014.  Mr. Katz spends his days teaching “those students”.  The students that society (typically) determines unteachable. “Those students” struggle with the college bound track that they are forced … More Is the Culture of Education Toxic?

Cultural Legacy

One of the best ways to connect with students is through their culture.  As educators it is ideal for us to help students create an educational experience that will allow them to participate in their cultural legacy. By embracing students cultures, educators are able to reach students at a new level of understanding.  In a … More Cultural Legacy

Dr. Chris Emdin

I recently came across this video of Dr. Chris Emdin as the keynote speaker of the South by Southwest Education conference.   After talking about the video with my sister, a New York Public School system educator, she had the opportunity to attend a conference where Dr. Emdin was speaking.  I was slightly jealous that she … More Dr. Chris Emdin