Dr. Chris Emdin

I recently came across this video of Dr. Chris Emdin as the keynote speaker of the South by Southwest Education conference.   After talking about the video with my sister, a New York Public School system educator, she had the opportunity to attend a conference where Dr. Emdin was speaking.  I was slightly jealous that she had the opportunity to see Dr. Edmin live however, she purchased his book for me and had it autographed for my birthday. As a true word nerd I was completely giddy and beside myself to have relieved this book and look forward to a time when I will have the opportunity to read it!

The book, titled “For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood…and the Rest of Y’all too, is a way for educators to begin engaging conversations with the urban community on culture and pedagogy.  These conversations will be imperative if we want to move towards finding solutions to deepen our pedagogy and move forward.  Dr. Edmin writes in the forward that, “This book is for people of all colors, who take a particular approach to education.  They may be white.  They may be black.  In all cases, they are so deeply committed to an approach to pedagogy that is Eurocentric in its form and function that the color of their skin doesn’t matter.”  I believe that this book will encourage ALL educators to work towards more effectively serving students no matter the color of their skin.



One thought on “Dr. Chris Emdin

  1. Thank you LaVonne for sharing this very important and real topic. As educators we should be able to teach at any setting and teach anyone.Biases and prejudice have no place in our society, and much less in education. As a person of a “different background” (and who is not?) I totally understand what is like to be labeled and treated differently because of my “differences”. We need more Dr. Edmins, and more people to understand and follow his pedagogical approach to teaching ALL.


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