Cultural Legacy

One of the best ways to connect with students is through their culture.  As educators it is ideal for us to help students create an educational experience that will allow them to participate in their cultural legacy.

By embracing students cultures, educators are able to reach students at a new level of understanding.  In a traditional school environment, we ask students to stop being who they are so we can do our jobs.  What would happen if we embraced who students are and allowed them to express their culture in the classroom?  According to Bettina Love, we would be allowing students to express their abilities at a new level, reaching higher standards then we could ever predict.  Bettina Love’s TEDxUGA to persevere, and express their curiosity and creativity.


One thought on “Cultural Legacy

  1. Hi Lavonne!
    I love your post about cultural legacy. As an international student, like many other students in a similar situation, I experienced a culture shock when I arrived here in the US. I come from a country where critical thinking and voicing out in not particularly encouraged. However, the doctoral program allowed a lot of flexibility with regards to the “content of assignments”. I was able to talk about my country and its education system through my blog posts. For the infographic assignment, I could have chosen any topic, including Mauritius. This flexibility has allowed me to bring my own unique perspective to group discussions and to remain true to myself, my culture and my country.


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